A small web application for managing assignment solutions in a university environment.

Student dashboard

Students use a slim web page to submit their assignment solution as single file or compressed archive. They are informed about their grading status by email or on the page.

Teacher backend

OpenSubmit can deal with multiple courses and allows to configure the access to submissions for teachers and tutors individually.


Assignments can be published with or without deadline, may allow group work, may have a future publication date and can have arbitrary grading schemes.

Plagiarism control

Submissions can be checked for plagiarism across all courses.

Full grading freedom

Gradings can be delayed and commented. When validation with test scripts is enabled, the corrector sees all the script output and can decide on the result.

Single information source

The grading table gives a summary of all students and their gradings. It can be download for further processing with Excel or other tools.

Dealing with large courses

Submissions can be filtered and downloaded for offline correction. There are also support functions for re-validation and bulk emails.

Faster corrections

Student submission archives (ZIP / TGZ) can be previewed on the web page. Downloading all submissions is also supported.

Automated testing of submissions

OpenSubmit can take a student upload and extract it on separate test machines. Each assignment has its own set of test scripts. Validation tests run, visibly for the student, before the deadline. When the deadline is over, the system can run another invisible full test for the correctors. Test machines report their software configuration in the student dashboard.

Demo Installation

Test OpenSubmit in our public demo installation.

Teacher Manual

Learn all features of OpenSubmit for teachers and correctors.

Administrator Manual

Learn all details about the installation of OpenSubmit in your institution.